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What is it?

Oklahoma Scrapbook is a 290-page trip planner, learning tool, and memory book, created for families to use before, during, and after exploring the state of Oklahoma.

As a trip planner, the Oklahoma Scrapbook offers a list of over 150 travel destinations located in the state of Oklahoma. Each entry includes a brief description of the destination, as well as its hours of operation, admission charges, address and/or directions, and contact information. Each destination is listed by geographic area (Green Country, Frontier Country, etc.) as well as alphabetically and by city/town.

As a learning tool, the Oklahoma Scrapbook enhances learning by recommending topics to discuss, books to read, and activities to do that are related to each destination. For instance, when visiting the 45th Infantry Division Museum, the topics suggested are World War II, Korean War, Germany, and Hitler. A list of books and activities follow that relate specifically to these topics.

Books to Read
Topics to Discuss
Activities to Do

In cases where two or more destinations focus on the same topic, the Oklahoma Scrapbook suggests alternative topics instead. For instance, Harn Homestead and the Oklahoma Territorial Museum both focus on the Land Runs of Oklahoma. Therefore, the topics suggested for Harn Homestead are Land Runs and lawyers, while the topics suggested for the Oklahoma Territorial Museum are wheat, peanuts, libraries, and librarians. Alternative topics are not the main focus of the destination, but they do relate to the destination in some way. This not only avoids repetition but provides additional learning about Oklahoma and other topics as well.

Over time, the Oklahoma Scrapbook becomes a cherished memory book of your travels in Oklahoma. As you visit each destination, place photos in your scrapbook. (In cases where a museum will not allow photography, post cards can be use instead.) Write in the date of your visit, who went with you, your comments about the trip, where you ate, and what souvenirs you bought. Comment on what you have learned and liked about each area in general. Over time, you’ll have a complete memory book of your travels in Oklahoma to enjoy with family and friends.

Photos From Your Trip
Places to Write in the Date You Visited
Who Went With You
Where You Ate
Souvenirs Bought
Your Comments About the Trip

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Sample Pages:

Please view sample pages before ordering. No refunds except in the case of defects.

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How to Use the Oklahoma Scrapbook:

After your trip, attach photographs to the appropriate spots on your destination page. (In cases where a museum will not allow photography, postcards may be substituted instead.) Write in the date of your visit, who went with you, your comments about the trip, where you ate, and what souvenirs you bought. Comment on what you have learned and liked about each area in general.

You may either assemble the complete scrapbook at one time or print individual destination pages, as needed, for your current trip.

Simply punch each page with a 3-hole punch (or insert the completed page into a clear, vinyl page protector for added protection). Store all destination pages in a sturdy, 3-ring binder. (I recommend a 2”, Avery -Dennison Heavy Duty View Presentation Binder.)

At the end of the book, there is a blank destination page that you may reproduce in order to add destinations not included in the book.

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Review of Oklahoma Scrapbook:

I heard from my son last week how much he likes the Oklahoma Scrapbook. I bought it the very end of December and thought he must have just stuck it up on a shelf. He has been going through it and making plans for their school. They often travel around the state but the book has new ideas and a good way to organize and display where they've been. Thanks for a very good resource.

Linda Chandler (Oklahoma City, OK)

Even if we were not homeschooling I would have purchased the Oklahoma Scrapbook because it is an ideal way to capture many of our family outings and adventures. We have had ours for only a few months, but have already filled many pages. Our family travels in what I call "World's Largest Ball of String" mode. Translation: we stop at any and every oddity, site or marker we see. The Scrapbook is the perfect way to record and later remember the many places in our state that we have visited. The "generic" page makes it easy for me to create pages for some of the truly obscure places we have found ourselves.

We love to take long, cross-country road trips each summer. Flipping through the Scrapbook I was reminded of the amazing diversity and history right here in Oklahoma. Now we are planning to visit so many new places in our state, and also looking forward to rediscovering places that my husband and I visited as children.

Things I particularly liked: the clean, uncluttered presentation of the page design, details for contacting the sites, spaces for pictures and the suggested reading materials.

Thank you for all you do, Cindy. You are a blessing to so many.

Jill Binder (Claremore, OK)

I find the scrapbook very useful in planning trips for my children. I like the section with suggested activities, books and topics for each trip. Very well put together and time saving for me. Absolutely love it!

Tammy Rees (Oilton, OK)

I love this resource. It's well laid out and and easy to use. I like the fact that you group the destinations geographically. That way when we go to an area like the Tulsa area and want to stay a few days we have several places we can go. We used it today for the first time. We visited the Old Red Barn in Arcadia. I'm not much of a picture taker, but since having this resource I actually took my camera and found myself taking several pictures. I'll let my kids pick the ones they want to put on their pages. I'm very excited to be using this resource. Great work!

Melissa Kamm (Edmond, OK)

Questions: Contact Cindy Downes by email at cindy@oklahomahomeschool.com

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